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RP&G offers a full line of commercial offset printing. Our “serve the client attitude” means you’ll get the guidance you need to make your next print or marketing project a success without busting the budget!


Your company’s printing needs will be handled by skilled graphics professionals, not some counter-person or email jockey who just started yesterday and will be gone by next week.


RP&G offers old school printing knowledge and customer service along with the cutting edge technical skills and production.


We are uniquely qualified to provide almost any type of printed item your company may need.

Our Products Include:

Copy Sets



Program Books




Training Books

Window Posters

Medical Forms




Laser Checks



Medical Forms


Work Orders


Snap Out Sets

Referral Forms

Don't See What You Need? Just Ask, Remember If Its Ink On Paper, RP&G Has It Covered!

B&W Copies &
DigitalXpress Colo

Full Color

Business Cards

Post Cards


Sell Sheets



Rack Cards


Pocket Folders



Door Hangers

Don’t be black & white in a full color world!

Imagine the increased impact full color photos of your product in your next brochure or post card will have. A well designed full color piece can bring warmth and personality that are difficult to achieve in a one or two color print job.


Once prohibitively expensive, full color printing is now very affordable. In fact, in many cases our Gang Run printing is actually more affordable than spot color.


RP&G can design and print your next full color project. We have the skills and experience to create a beautiful piece and avoid some of the traps and problems that designers without print production knowledge can fall into.

We use two price tiers for this type of printing based on how we produce your full color job.

Custom Commercial Full Color



If your job requires extremely tight color fidelity, needs to be on a particular stock, or has an unusual size requirement, it should be produced as a custom run all by itself.


Because it is run alone on a sheet, the pressman can focus on getting the color exact and consistent through the run.


We provide a calibrated “match print” on custom color work so that you can be sure the color you envisioned is the color you receive on the final piece.

Gang Run Full Color


Gang run printing is when we take multiple jobs and place them onto one large sheet of paper. This reduces the cost of each piece by spreading the cost of the setup fee and run among multiple jobs.


Jobs that are ran using the gang run process are significantly lower in cost than custom commercially printed jobs.


Because of the nature of gang run printing, exact color matching is not guaranteed.


It may not be the ideal choice for some projects because choice of stock is limited to a few standard choices.

Spot Color Printing



Spot Color refers to a method of specifying and printing colors in which each color is printed with its own ink.


This type of printing is ideal for many smaller sheet projects, such as



It allows for smaller quantities and economical prices because:



        The sheet size is smaller


      The equipment is less expensive


        The setup time is shorter than on larger 4 color presses


        The cost of materials and run time is less expensive


In order to accurately produce your job the first time, we need to know what PMS (Pantone Matching System®) number you prefer your job to run in.


While a lot of designers can find working in one or two colors limiting, the talented designers at RP&G are well versed in spot color design. They can use one or two colors, along with a complementary stock color to provide you with a finished piece that is more than the sum of its parts!

DigitalXpress  Short Run Color

Need Short Run Color? Need Great Quality?

Then our DIGITALXPRESS option is for you!


Color polymerized toner with ultra-fine particles produces prints with sharper dots, finer lines, richer solid fills. DigitalXpress provides great quality that is almost indistinguishable from traditional ink based full color printing.


Great Color - Great Prices! -

Quantities as low as 100


Your sales and marketing staff will appreciate being able to quickly react to trends and events with high quality sales brochures for special events or presentations.


Ooops? Forget to order your product sheet before the big expo? No problem! With DigitalXpress you can get a short run quickly without breaking the budget!


Test out a new marketing piece and fine tune your
approach before committing to long runs.


Run monthly marketing pieces with current prices.


Short runs of targeted post cards or mailers.


Menus, Price Lists and other quickly dated items.


Any time you just have to have something quick!



If You’re In Business You Need Checks & Forms!





RP&G can keep your business running!


Your business needs ways to effectively transfer and track information. Computers are effective solutions, but sometimes a well designed form is a better alternative.


Portable and easy for employees and customers to use, printed business forms offer a great deal of flexibility.


We'll design and produce the right forms to fit all your company's needs!









RP&G offers a complete line of software compatible laser checks. Guaranteed to work with your software package and be accepted by your bank or credit union.


No major decisions to make. Simply choose a background color and the voucher position.


3 on a page checks


We offer a variety of 3 on a page checks, convenient to use and printed with the security features you need to protect your business!

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