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Production Specifications


1. What type of files can I send to RP&G?

The standard file we need for 4 color work is a CMYK PDF prepared for PRESS.

Not all PDF's are created equal, many are purposely down sampled in colors and resolution for fast web viewing. These cannot be used for high resolution printing. Be sure to select either HIGH RESOLUTION or PRESS settings (depending on your software) when you export to PDF.


Be sure to include bleeds in your PDF. See below for more info.


We suggest you use our template guide for proper layout. Many times we get files that do not have the folds in proper position, which results in folds going through type and off center panels. You can down load our template here,  place it into your document and set your guides properly.


Be sure not to run type right to the edge of your document. Our high speed paper cutters cut large stacks at once and type outside of the safety margin, can result in your type being cut off. We suggest a type free margin of .25" or a minimum of .1875".


2. What color mode should my files be in?

You should always save your artwork in CMYK mode. If you send us an RGB file, there is a chance that a color shift may occur and you may not be satisfied with your job. We cannot be responsible for color shifts from RGB files


Spot colors will also cause color shifts. Please do not use pantone colors for CMYK jobs. Not only may they change, but often times the color will drop out completely.


3. What resolution should my file be?

We accept 300 DPI files, and no less. Low resolution orders will be placed on hold until we receive new files, slowing your turnaround.




UNACCEPTABLE : (72 DPI) Low Resolution, (150 DPI) Medium Resolution


4. How should I set up my bleed and crop marks?

A bleed is when the image overlaps the cut line to ensure the image fills the page once cut. Make sure you include an 1/8in bleed in any project you want with printing out to the edge.





5. How can I make sure my text wont be cut off?

Using our templates is a great way to set up your file. Watch where your cutline is, and keep the text at least .125in off of it to avoid an unfortunate outcome.




6. Can I submit multiple files in one document?

No. We are now automating many of the functions we used to do manually, and this requires that each side of a job must be on a separate file.


You can create both sides of a project as multiple pages in your native document, just export them as two single page PDFs.



7. What should I name my files?

Please do not name your files Brochure.PDF. Please include some form of your name or project name in the file name.


for example: RP&G_Pricelist_Front.PDF, RP&G_Pricelist_Back.PDF or Kent_BCard1.PDF



8. This is confusing can you just take care of it?

Yes! RP&G has talented & skilled designers who can design your project for you. We can take your rough sketches and turn them into beautiful and effective marketing tools. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and give you an estimate for the design services.


In some cases we can also take your existing files and properly prepare them for production. We can evaluate your file and prepare and estimate on what work needs to be done to make it production ready.



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